Hello, I am Shela!

Passionate about building online communities, creating engaging social media content, and helping businesses thrive in the world of ecommerce. Let's collaborate to tell your brand's unique story and boost your online presence.

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Social Media Management
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Elegant Office Flatlay of Office Supplies
Elegant Office Person Working while Having Breakfast
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Shelamae Legaspi

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About Shelamae Legaspi

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my website, and I'm glad you're taking the time to learn more about me. I used to work in a regular office job around the clock, but I decided to switch to freelancing. It was a big change, but I'm really happy with the journey it has taken me on.

Freelancing has been an amazing experience, teaching me more than I ever expected. I enjoy the freedom it gives me and the chance to do different things. What I love the most is the constant learning. Each project I take on not only lets me help my clients but also allows me to grow personally.

Feel free to explore my website and find out more about the services I provide. If you have any questions or want to talk about how we can work together, please reach out. I'm excited to start this journey with you and help you reach your goals.

Educational Background & Training

Courses Attended

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Cebu Technological University

Cum Laude

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, 2020 - 2021

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Training or Course Attended

Online Course: The Complete Guide to Building a Successful Virtual Assistant Business


Social Media Management
FBA Product Researcher
Social Media Management
FB Ads
Video Editing

Let me help you....

Bring your ideas to life

I can sense that you have big dreams for your business, and I'm here to help you make them a reality. Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale up, I have the expertise and passion to guide you towards success. Let's work together to create a solid plan and take your business to the next level!

Build your confidence

Starting a business can be scary and overwhelming. But I'm here to help you overcome those fears and achieve your goals with confidence. Let me take care of the small things so you can concentrate on the big picture. Together, we'll make your business dreams come true and celebrate each step of the journey!

Expand your potential

Let's unlock your maximum potential together! Whether you want to build brand loyalty, expand your business offerings, or start a freelance journey, I'm here to support and guide you. With determination and the right mindset, you can achieve anything you set your sights on. Let's unleash your inner strength and make your dreams a reality!

My Services

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Graphics Designing
Product Researcher

Social Media Management

At the heart of my business is a passion for creativity and communication. I offer social media management and marketing services to help you connect with your audience in a meaningful way. Whether it's crafting a winning strategy or executing eye-catching content, I'm here to make your brand shine online.

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Graphic Designing

I offer graphic design services that are designed to grab attention and convey your message effectively. From logos to marketing materials, I'll work with you to create designs that reflect your unique brand and set you apart from the competition.

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FBA Product Reseacher

Many individuals struggle with the complexities of managing their eCommerce stores, especially when it comes to tasks such as product listing, data entry, and implementing successful dropshipping strategies. That's where I come in! With my expertise and keen attention to detail, I can help alleviate these challenges and empower your business to thrive in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

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Project Gallery

Glimpse compilation of my work some of it is from my previous client and some are part of my practice as I enhance my skills from time to time.

La'Glow Perfume

La'Glow - Product Launch



JHS - Logo

Theme Parties Sample

Pure Skin & Health - Video Ads

Bosscar.com - Video Ads

BBEMP Project - FB Banner

Ourdelibread - Fb poster



Graphics Design

The Project

The project focused on attracting potential clients and engaging with the real estate community through visually appealing content and strategic scheduling.

The Concept

To approach the challenge, I employed various strategies to generate leads, including targeted marketing campaigns, optimizing landing pages, and utilizing social media platforms. Additionally, I utilized my graphics design skills to create visually captivating content that showcased properties, highlight key features, and evoke interest among potential buyers. Through careful planning and scheduling, I ensured that social media posts were consistently published at optimal times, maximizing engagement and reach.

Content writing

The Project

At La'glow Perfumes, I worked as a social media content creator, tasked with developing engaging strategies to promote the brand's long-lasting perfumes. The main project challenge was to create compelling content that resonated with the target audience and increased brand awareness.

The Concept

To address the challenge, I focused on crafting visually appealing content, including product showcases, lifestyle imagery, and customer testimonials. By highlighting the unique features and benefits of La'glow Perfumes, I aimed to captivate the audience and drive customer engagement. Through strategic storytelling and data-driven optimizations, my work successfully increased brand awareness and attracted new customers.

Social Media Management

The Project

I collaborated with a coach to support MSME owners through coaching and mentoring sessions, while also connecting them with business growth resources. I played a key role in enhancing visual content, leading social media campaigns, and positively impacting both projects and the local MSME community.

The Concept

My approach involved providing editing expertise for photos and videos, improving their visual appeal, and suggesting technical enhancements. By leading social media campaigns, I increased brand awareness and engagement, ultimately benefiting the client and the MSME owners we worked with.

Print Design

The Project

Creating product mockups and selling color palettes through an ecommerce website, providing customers with visual representations before purchase.

The Concept

By leveraging Adobe Illustrator, Canva, PlaceIt.com, and Google Drive, I created sleek mockups using PlaceIt.com. These mockups were integrated into a Canva Template, allowing customers to preview and evaluate the color palettes before making a purchase. With my technical skills and creativity, I delivered high-quality mockups that showcased the appeal of the color palettes, enhancing the overall customer experience and driving sales on the ecommerce platform.

It's no secret that people are more interested in watching rather than reading, it's human nature

That's why we offer a variation of services

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Short-Form Video

We can help you create compelling short-form videos, like ads, that can stand out on social media. We ensure that each video is visually compelling, emotionally engaging, and easy to consume, achieving your marketing goals.

Video ads are highly effective for engaging viewers and increasing conversions through immersive experiences. Short-form videos have gained popularity for their exceptional ability to capture and maintain audience attention.

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Repurpose Content

Turn your existing videos into a suite of engaging and shareable clips that are tailored to each social media platform. We can help you create content that resonates with your target audience and drives engagement.

Let's create something that truly matters. Let's do this together!

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